Pre-mortems, Multi-stakeholder

Foresight on introduction of new technologies

Hilary Sutcliffe

The Long-range research initiative of CEFIC the European Chemical Industry Council wanted to explore the learning from nanotechnologies for the introduction of other emerging technologies.


We were invited to partner with the Institute of Occupational Medicine to deliver this foresight study. 


The aim was to identify what happened with nano, what went right and wrong to date and explore scenarios for future development, both positive and negative and produce recommendations for future governance of nano and other technologies.


We contributed to the overall thinking and delivered the stakeholder consultation and scenarios development component of the project and contributed to the development of the final recommendations.


We are not able to share the full document but the scenarios and outline findings are available here on CEFIC website. 


The header photograph is taken from a pilot website we produced for the public on nanotechnologies.  See here for more.