Great Summary of TIGTech report

Hilary Sutcliffe

27 Dec 2020

A far better short summary of our report than I would ever have done and a vision for its use beyond tech governance is available here from TIGTech Advisory Board member Professor Andrew Maynard on the Dean’s Blog of the ASU College of Global Futures. 

He concludes:

“…while trust and trustworthiness are critically important for building a better future, the process of earning and demonstrating them is not one if simply follow rules and procedures, or checking boxes. It takes awareness, empathy and humility, and a willingness to embrace the messiness of being human within a complex society as we strive to put others first.

This is sage advice as we stand at this pivotal point in the fight against COVID. But it’s also important as we look beyond COVID and work together to build a future that is just, equitable, and sustainable, and one which is threaded through with hope and possibility.


Which is why I’d recommend anyone with an interest in building a better future check out TIGTech, and read the initiative’s recent report on trust and tech governance.”


Who am I to disagree!