How writing happens!

Hilary Sutcliffe

I do a lot of writing for work, and sometimes, stupidly, even for pleasure.  It is a painful and mainly unpleasant process.  I made this chart to remind myself that the process is exactly the same EVERY TIME, but when I am in the depths of despair, it is nice to remember that it does get better, that it does work out well and not to top myself just yet.


It also is a salutary reminder that when I am on a total high at my own world-changing brilliance, it's best to temper the cockiness just for a bit just in case I am deluded!  


Actually, most of my writing has about three or four of these wild fluctuations, but that chart wouldn't be quite as easy to see, you get the gist.


However, it also has relevance for lots of other areas, notably in my fraught relationship with tennis and running. I posted this now to send to my lovely pals and folks on the Guardian Running Blog currently doing marathon training.  GOOD LUCK, you will be fine!     (I did 3 a few years ago and it is precisely what happens tho the uptick at the end is usually a bit higher from the euphoria that it's all actually finally over!)


In fact, it pretty much stands in for life in general, tho perhaps the genius moments fewer and farther between! 


Someone asked if they could pinch it for their training inspiration - if it still looks interesting enough it should be OK to copy in this format.