Responsible innovation in policy, as everywhere is work in progress.  It focuses currently on the involvement of societal perspectives in innovation policy, through public dialogue and support of innovative approaches of the UK Research Councils.  In other countries, particularly Denmark and the Netherlands new approaches are also being tried.
Responsible Innovation proposes that society be involved in exploring the purpose and direction of innovation through policy and contributing to the big questions about what society we want to make with innovation, how will priorities be set, how will they get funded, regulated and used.   Our analysis of the public dialogues and other stakeholder views shows some of the priority areas of concern which are common across technologies, though of course each area will have its own specific priorities.
A website RRI Tools, a H2020 project, shows some of the innovative initiatives in policy, funding and research across Europe.  Hilary chaired the Advisory Board of ResAgora , one of the key RRI projects about RRI in policy.  There is some interesting work in their report if you can penetrate the social science speak!
We have been involved in Responsible Innovation with policy through public dialogue in nanotech, Future Foods and some governance areas such as Synthetic Biology and nanotech.