Critical friend, Universities

RRI and the University of Sheffield

Hilary Sutcliffe

16 Jan 2017

Hilary was invited by the Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation to act as a mentor and critical friend to the senior management, the innovation services teams and researchers at the University of Sheffield to help them develop their own approach to Responsible Research and Innovation.   

The University was founded by the people of Sheffield, as 'The People's University' and had a rich heritage of working with and for its local community. The University's ethos and history were fertile ground for debates about a new approach to research and education which was for and with society.  


What would RRI mean to Sheffield?


Our work with Sheffield began with an exploration of what RRI may mean to the University as a whole, but then three centres - robotics, plant science and disability studies - volunteered to act as pilots for a programme to consider what RRI may mean to their own work.  

RRI Leadership Group Convened


A multi-disciplinary RRI Group was convened involving staff from a range of areas including Research Integrity, ethics, public engagement and specific scientific and social science disciplines.  


Hilary worked with the senior teams to develop an RRI strategy and engagement programme across the University, which is currently being explored by the group and individual teams within the University.


In addition work with Sheffield Robotics and the Disability Studies team is underway, exploring the implications of Responsible Innovation for their work.


See here for more detail on the work for Sheffield Robotics.